April 09, 2010

Lady, I think your kids might be tired...

At 7:30 p.m. the night before Easter I realized that Cash's new shoes didn't fit.  I know, big bummer!  So, I waited until the kids went to bed, switched out the laundry, loaded the dishwasher and headed to Old Navy (without a receipt) to beg the clerk for some shoes in a size 7.

The clerk was amazing and the shoes were there.  Easter miracle?

While there, right before their 9 p.m. closing time, I witnessed a mom having not-so-much of an Easter miracle day.  I'm no parenting expert, but I think I figured the problem(s) out... I bet you can too...

4ish-year-old-kid:  (screaming and writhing on the floor) But MOOOOOMMMMMM, I don't like harmonicas, I don't want it.
Mom* of 4ish-year-old-kid:  You've been sucking on it for the last two hours, so we have to buy it AND you're using your allowance to pay for it.
4ish-year-old-kid:  (more screaming and writing on the floor, maybe even a couple of head bangs)
Mom of 4ish-year-old-kid:  What is wrong with you?  Why can't you act right?  Stand up right this instant!

I would never expect my children to last two hours in a store, but add in the fact that it was so late in the evening?  She pretty much set herself up for disaster!  My kids like their rest, and I like them rested.  Granted, sometimes taking a two hour break in the middle of my day is hard, but I never signed on to be a mom thinking that it was all about me.

*  If this was you in the store I deeply apologize for any ill-will that you may now harbor against me.  On second thought, maybe I don't....


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Mrs. Bick said...

I have to second your emotion on this one. I am frequently amazed where parents will there children, when they will take them, and how they expect them to act.

(And my children have had their fair share of meltdowns and misbehavior, but I'm here to tell you, that some behavior is intolerable, and means that we will leave RIGHT THEN if necessary. And have done.)

I also understand that sometimes single parents (or parents who sometimes are forced to function as single parents) are put in the unenviable position of having to make a tough call and just "get it done".

I find myself saying a quick prayer when I either encounter such a parent, or suddenly become one. Because, really, prayers for grace is all I have at that point!

Anna said...

It also seems that if the mom let him suck on the harmonica for 2 hours presumably to keep him quiet and not screaming, then it should come out of HER allowance. But at the same time, I'm pretty glad that they bought it instead of just putting it back on the shelf to dry overnight. Eww.

ASC said...

I am constantly amazed at the kids I see out with their parents late in the evenings when I make errand runs after our E is in bed. What is wrong with these people? And they wonder why their children cannot behave? Duh!