June 02, 2010

Big Rock

We snuck away Memorial Day weekend to a little spot close to home.  Dinosaur Valley is tucked away in the North Texas Hill Country, just a smidge less than two hours from Dallas.  There are lots of campsites down that way, but we chose to stay at the super fancy hotel La Quinta (camping really isn't built for the potty training set), and we had an absolute blast!

There's lots to do in Dinosaur Valley, but one of our favorite places we stumbled upon by accident.  The pool at the La Quinta was rented out for a birthday party, so we asked the front desk if there was anywhere else to go in the area that was suitable for young children.  He suggested Big Rock, and I'm so glad he did!

Big Rock is a free park along a shallow spot in the Paluxy River.  It has rocks you can sit on, and rocks you can climb under.

Really, what little boy wouldn't be in love?

Heath and I felt supremely accomplished after entering and leaving Big Rock with three children.  The entering was easy, we just weren't so sure about the leaving, but we totally did it!

The boys were really great about holding hands and staying close to keep safe.  In all honesty, the boys were very well behaved the entire trip.  It was such a nice, fun experience!

There were lots of waterfalls at Big Rock.  Waterfalls flowing over rocks covered in moss - perfect for sliding!  Stone had the absolute biggest smile on his face the whole time we were at Big Rock. He even smiled when he fell!

If that's not perfection, I don't know what is!


Anna said...

I lovelovelove dinosaur valley! Though it can get unbearably hot in the summer, the river is SO nice for swimming and playing. Great to see the next generation still enjoying it!

Robinson Family said...

What fun! Love all these pictures too! Your boys are just adorable!

Kristen said...

That makes me want to go...too bad Carolines is a bit too young.