June 23, 2010

I'm feeling a little turned around

While the big boys are in school, I try to go into the observation room and see how they are doing.  There are some days that this just doesn't work... the little kids may have an activity, or might just be too jumpy to sit a watch... but I always try.

The time there is two fold.  I love learning the new techniques they are using with the boys to help their verbal skills along, and I love speaking with the other mothers about different therapies, diets and child-raising in general.  The moms in there are well-read and usually have seen a litany of doctors, child specialists and psychologist to get the diagnosis they need (much like us).

While watching Cash today, the conversation turned to car seats and the benefits of extended rear facing.  Cash is the youngest child in the class (if only by a few months) and I was shocked to learn that he was the ONLY one that wasn't still rear facing.  I went home and immediately did a little research during nap time, and also found this video.

And then I spent the remainder of nap time turning the kids car seats around.

I was surprised that even Cash still seemed to sit comfortably when he climbed into Analeigh's car seat.  No one looks totally cramped and they still seem happy.  In hindsight, I knew that extended rear facing was safer, but it was easier for me to have them forward facing.  There was more space in the car for loading/unloading and I could see them to entertain them, but isn't that how mothering works?  Doing what's easiest for us isn't usually what's best for the child.

I did choose to leave Stone and Cash forward facing, due to the seats that we have.  Once you get your littles forward facing, I think it's extremely important to read this about a five-point harness vs. a booster.  I actually have a friend that this greatly affected, so this one I knew.  When we purchased a new seat for Stone (when Holden outgrew his bucket carrier and moved into Stone's old Marathon), I purposefully purchased a Britax Frontier because of its ability to five-point harness a child until 80 pounds.  Here are some photos of some pretty big kiddos sitting in a five-point harness for a long time.  They look pretty comfy to me!

I can't control how other's drive, so after doing this research, I feel better knowing that I'm doing all I can to maintain  the kids' safety.  Even if it does mean a little bit of gymnastics to load and unload!


JodyB said...

5 point harnesses are super important to me too... ever since I gave birth to the car-seat Houdini!

JodyB said...

5 point harnesses are super important to me too... ever since I gave birth to the car-seat Houdini!

Leigh said...

I am a huge advocate for extended 5 point harnesses forchildren. Noah will be 6 in sept, 46lbs and is still in one. This will put him in his harness seat until he 8 at least. Also check out www.kyledavidmiller.org for more info on 5pt vs. Booster. Completely made my mind up after
hearing their story. I didn't find out how important ext rear facing was until Gavin was born. Them we had to compare the safety of the seat backwards (and screaming bcuz he hated it) vs. Him forward and me being able to focus on driving. It's great when more people are informed about these things! Thanks for passing the word

Jess & Nate said...

Weird that you just posted this. My doctor just told us that the recommendation is now for kiddos to be rear facing until 2. I looked up the law and it hasn't changed from the 1 year and 20 pounds but thought that since the recommendation is now 2 years that I will wait till Zach turns 2 to turn him around. Thanks for the link to the video...I was looking for it!

Stacy said...

Good for you for being willing to make a change! So many aren't. We have a 5 point for Emily that goes to 65 lbs. She is 6 this week and barely 35 lbs so she'll be good for a long time. Boosters are quick and easy but the safety risk is not worth it, imo. Adults would be safer in 5 point too...look at race car drivers. Thanks for passing the word. I didn't watch the video yet but if it is the one I have seen before it is scary how much damage can be avoided by extended rear facing. Also, just read a news article about a 4 year old that was killed in a wreck because he flew out of his booster seat!