June 22, 2010

Will potty training ever end?

Holden is very interested in using the potty... especially the travel potty.

He sees his brothers go all the time, so now he thinks he's ready.

We just got Cash potty trained, right after I finished with Stone.  Which begs the question, will potty training ever end?  Right now I'm thinking NO!


jen said...

one day it will end! What a great first step to actually be interested in it! We're coming out from the other side around here, and it feels good. We will hopefully have another kiddo to potty train in the not so far off future, but for now sara is almost 100% trained during the day.

Stacy said...

That is so cute! How great that he is trying to be like his big brothers. It will end one day, and then you'll take a long road trip and wish for the diaper days. LOL