August 16, 2010

Monday Morning Madness

In my pre-mom days, I always pictured clean children who were well dressed, always well behaved and listened to everything I said.  In my actual mom days, I've realized that (ahem) this isn't possible - or at least not for me.  Remember, I'm not super mom!

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we played all day at the lake house, in full vision of passers by, while Analeigh wore this ensemble:
This ensemble was certainly not created due to the fact that her swim suit bottoms were no where to be found.  And since she's been staying with us since oh, I don't know, February, the fact that she doesn't have girl swim diapers shouldn't come as a surprise at all.  Poor girl!

I also would never let my children smear themselves in mud and use the opportunity to talk about The Old West, American Indians and cowboys.
I would also never stand idly by while a child drank water from a kiddie pool out of a bubble sword end.  I mean really?  What type of mom lets those shenanigans go on?
And I certainly would NEVER just grab a camera to snap pictures of my husband in his time of need.  I would so help him, and abandon all thought of what wonderful blog photos his horrible predicament would make.  That's why these pictures of him with a hook through his thumb don't exist!

Poor guy!

McMamma started this fun, I added the pictures and my own stories.  Want in?  Write your own Monday Morning Madness post and click below to link up.  You can also head over to to read hundreds of mom's Not-me's.  It's fun and sort of like free therapy!

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