August 15, 2010

So What Was That?

We have a winner!  What is this?

Several of you came really close, but JodyB* hit the nail on the head.  Well, kind of... In true womanly fashion she talked herself out of her first instinct, which was correct.  This little blob here is one (of the many) chip in my windshield**.  Heath really wants to have them all fixed, but I'm thinking letting it get really bad before we fix it is the better way to go.   Now, before you go off and tell me I'm putting myself, my lot of littles and the rest of the world in danger, please know that these are not in my line of vision.  So, something else to add to my to-do list for the winter, when I'm sure this thing will crack and spread to kingdom come.

Was this fun?  I thought about making it a regular thing.  I always run across funny things that on first glance even I myself wonder, what IS that?

* Jody is actually one of my IRL friends, so I'll get her prize to her soon.  She is a creative, super-mommy that has a wicked sense of humor.  You can follow all of her adventures at  Want to see what her super cute kid-os look like?  Here's a pic of hers with my lot at a recent playdate:

** This post was brought to you by the guy who drove like a crazy down the center median while we were on our way to Padre.  Thanks, guy - your craziness made for a super fun game!

1 comment:

JodyB said...

I KNEW it looked like a rock chip... I hear that the chip repair people do good work before it spiderwebs...and that it is less expensive that a windshield if you want to try to head it off before it gets worse!