August 12, 2010


When it's just me and the kids, there are certain excursions we just can't do, mostly because I only came equipped with two arms. With Daddy home this week, we've taken full advantage of all four adult arms and headed out on lots of adventures.

Today was no exception...we headed to the local natatorium and the kids had a blast. We do the splash pad all the time, but standing water with one adult and four kids under four isn't an option.

Our lot of littles slid...

And splashed until dinner. Who's going to have a good bedtime tonight?


Julie said...

Ok... First of all, so impressed that you pulled out the word "natatorium". I would have had to call somebody and say, "Hey, What's that other word for 'pool'?" :)

I recognize where you were ;) and I'm glad y'all had fun! You're a great mom!!

Anna said...

Warning, this is a joke, not religious commentary:

A friend (who fostered two girls and adopted a third) once said that there was no way evolution was true. If it were, moms would have evolved extra arms.