August 14, 2010

Sweet potato cranberry muffins

I love to take something that's a staple for us, put a spin on it and create something new and super yummy - and nutritious, don't forget nutritious!

My kids have been devouring sweet potato muffins for quite some time now. They were originally pumpkin muffins, but this fall's pumpkin shortage led to the sweet potato improvisation.

The basic recipe is from the back of a box of Pamela's Baking Mix. It can be found online here. Pamela's is a gluten free Bisquick-like mix that is a staple at our house. I make the recipe with Turbino sugar instead of honey and add about a cup of baby-food consistency sweet potatoes.

Last night I made a huge batch for the next few mornings. I noticed a bag of dried cranberries on the counter and thought, "hey, why not?"

I threw a few handfuls in and YUM! I think you could probably use Bisquick as an alternative and it still work. Let me know if you try it...if you want to do it with Pamela's, it's readily available at Whole Foods and other major organically-minded markets.

Happy eating!

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