September 20, 2010

A Game of Catch... Up

I fell behind, I owe you guys an answer to a What's This Wednesday and I honestly, totally forgot!  I'm so sorry!  We haven't even been up to a lot lately, so I can't even give you a good excuse...

So, without further ado, the answer to this What's This Wednesday was exactly what you guys thought... poo poo on a sheet.  Lovely!  You guys give me way too much credit for not posting gross things!  The moral to this story?  Don't second guess yourself!  I don't have a prize for you this week, but it's still fun to play, right?

Moving on (far from poo poo sheets), I hosted my first adult party in quite a while and had so much fun doing it! My life has revolved around kid themes for quite a while now, it was fun to actually buy some pretty flowers, dress up the table and serve some adult snacks.

The party was in honor of my old roomie Uyen's upcoming nuptials.  So fun!  Heath was kind enough to take the kids up to his parents' to play on the farm and chase cows so we could have a "mommy party."  It was a win-win, we all enjoyed ourselves!

My friend Tiffanie owns Homemade Cakery and created these beautiful cupcakes for our celebration (she also made the boys AMAZING birthday cakes this year, you can see those on her site as well).  The cake was amaretto cream and it was super yummy!

The girls who helped me throw the shower were insanely helpful.  We had everything cleaned, washed and sorted thirty minutes after everyone left.  It was like no one had even been here!  So, with the kids still gone, I was left with a bit of time to myself to play catch-up.  I did several loads of laundry, answered some e-mail correspondence, sorted and printed a few Tot School activities, then started in on the fun stuff....

Our newest family member was still without adornments, so I headed out for the proper screws and got all of the hardware in place.  Considering what a help our new island has been, it's the least I could do!  I love the new pulls, perfect funky chic.

Even after my project, I still had time before the kids came home (I'm telling you, my shower-giver-helpers were amazing!) so I whipped up an extra batch of homemade detergent.  I had found some Zote Soap on sale at Big Lots and used it for this go-round.  It washes just fine, but the color is a tad shocking:

This stuff is PINK!

So, there's my catch-up - super fun weekend, announcement of What's That and proof that I still have a little adult in me, sometimes I do wonder!

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