September 21, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

We talked a lot about letters and colors in Tot School this week, and, as always, had a ton of fun!

Our Nanny went on a trip recently and brought us back this amazing stamp set.  I love toys like this, because each of the kids can play with it on their level and everyone has a ton of fun.  Stone used the letters to spell some of his favorite words and even stamped out the entire alphabet (upper and lower case).  This was a much harder task than one might think, since the stamps did not stay in alpha order for long!

Holden would find the letters as I called them out and we spelled his name together.  The stamp pad is washable, and since our Nanny sprung for an additional stamp pad, we had a lot of fun talking about colors along with our letters.

Check here for our science project this week.  This one was SO fun it warranted it's own post - and a little give-away!

During Big Brother Time, Stone did some work on numbers and sequencing.  He sorted his cards by color then placed each set in sequence order (the white sheet is a "cheat sheet" of sorts).  He loves this activity and picks it out of his Big Brother Drawer almost every chance he gets.

We also spent some time with his Grasshopper Prep Kits.  I've written about these before, but really can't speak highly enough of them.  We own kit 3: Getting Our Hands Ready and kit 4: Snip, Glue and Grow!  If you are looking for fine motor activities for your pre-schooler, please check into these.

We worked from the Getting Our Hands Ready kit this week and Stone did the reusable stickers for the first time.  He was obsessed!

And made a super cute picture!  Notice the upside-down dog above the tree?  It had him laughing!

We're continuing work on his work book and have moved on to some more difficult sequencing and matching skills.  He still does really well with this.

And his pencil grasp is really developing... the crayons that come in his Grasshopper kit have really helped move this skill along!

For our cooking activity this week we made cookie dough and rolled it into letter shapes. The kids did a great job helping me to mix, but they did an even better job tasting!

Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the kids making the cookies, but you can go here to see some super cute pictures of us cookie making in months prior - and also get the down low on our amazing cookie recipe and the letter cutters we use.

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