September 06, 2010

Missing the Memo

Stone seems to have missed the memo... You know, the one the rest of us got, the one that said that Labor Day Weekend was for NOT working.

So instead of being lazy with me and laying around the lake house reading The Godwulf Manuscript in the hammock, he did a little work on the tractor.

Until this tree got in the way....

...then he had to do a little work ON the tractor.

He got everything patched up in a jiffy and was back to work.

Me? Still not working, still sitting in the hammock being lazy and eating homemade caramel corn, because I, for sure, got the memo....and the cover sheet.


ASC said...

Darn that homemade caramel corn! I have not let myself make it in a long time, because I just sit there and eat it all! Have a blissful holiday!

Tammy Stone said...

Stone's Papaw would be SO proud of him and his John Deere skills. He might even put him to work on the farm in a few years LOL

Midlife Army Wife said...

So cute! I keep wanting to try to make homemade caramel corn, but I'm afraid I'd eat it all. I'm going to have to do that for a special treat one day. I adore hammocks - so relaxing! Enjoy your weekend :)

Uyen said...

he's so big! make it stop!