September 07, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

With Labor Day Weekend and some time off speech school for parent/teacher conferences, we've gone a bit light on Tot School and Big Brother Time.  We've had a ton of fun hanging out with our Daddy, who took some time off work last week and this week, just to be with us.  As much as we love going with the flow, the flow does make our scheduled Tot School learning time a little less.

Stone got a Super Why game for his birthday and has spent loads of Big Brother Time playing with it.  We've played games before, but this is really the first "big boy" game that Stone has been able to play and understand.  

It has a spinner... which he LOVES...

Cards to flip...

And figurines to move across a board.

We spent several Big Brother days playing this game, and each day was a ton of fun.  See that coffee cup and chair?  That's where I sit, so just pretend that I'm there, pretty hair and all, and you have the full picture!

Stone's knowledge of phonics astounds me.  The Super Why game is just one example.  Lately, Stone has been using his sticker rewards (for good behavior) to buy time on my iPhone playing games.  But, I'm super sneaky and only downloaded pre-reading games.  His favorite has been a phonics game, and he's even using it to spell simple words!  I'm SO proud of him!

We worked on some fine motor skills while painting.  We used stamps, our fingers, brushes, even cookie cutters!

He did a great job staying in the lines... look at him go!

Since the big boys were out of school most of last week, we didn't do a ton of structured Tot School activities.  But, what little we did do was fun!  We used our paint chips to match colors and also sequenced them with the rainbow colors in the book How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? 

We also did some fun music time, the kids love using Ramen noodle containers to keep the beat!  What can I say, I'm frugal...

Cash really likes to groove!

We wrapped the week up with a bit of cooking.  Stone helped me make homemade granola in the crockpot and my kitchen currently smells like yumminess!

To see what we've done in weeks past, just click here.


Julie said...

We have the Super Why game too. I love it!! The rules are simple and it is sooooo educational for preschoolers. (I like the TV show too.) :)

Anna said...

Fun post! But I'll comment on my last thought... Stone is going to be a heartbreaker! Those curls and eyes. Look out, girls. :)

Mr. C said...

Cash hanging out in a tutu like it aint no thing is hilarious cubed. I've found my latest wallpaper.

Unca Marc

fosteringmyfamily said...

Looks like fun! And relaxing.