September 01, 2010

Rainbows and Thankfulness

I recently read this post and, unfortunately, it hit me right where it needed to. You see lately I've felt pushed. Pushed to the limit, kids pushing buttons, just pushed.

I'm determined to have every moment sink in, even the bad ones, because you see, this shouldn't be my life. I had planned it much differently, and there were many times that I became angry with God for what I thought it was turning out to be. But all that pain, all those tears were so worth it. I stand in awe of the life God has laid out for me and I honestly couldn't be more thankful.

Over three years ago, I wrote this post about a rainbow and God's promise to us during the storms of life. I still don't know the plans God has for our family. Cash's adoption isn't final, and the sweet little girl smile that I've woken up to for the past seven months might soon be given to someone else daily, but even with all this, I know God has a plan.

I know that His plan is best, even if it isn't the path I would have chosen, and I know, more than anything, that this great plan will bring Him glory.

Tonight we saw this rainbow and it was just what I needed to refocus and be thankful.

Life so quickly takes over, priorities shift and kids grow, but God's love and His promises are constant. I'm blessed and I am so thankful.


FishMama said...

Honored that God would use me in your life. God bless you! {Though I think He already has.}

kelli wetsel said...

Wasn't it gorgeous? We had so much fun and such great conversation outside looking at it tonight !

Allison said...

Thanks for the reminder! I need it daily these days. Already missing the kids, final day is the 27th. God must have something amazing planned, right!?

Anna said...

I saw that rainbow, too! So glad you could have a renewed comfort in God's promise. Rest in that!