September 21, 2010

Rainy Day Exploring

There's something about these little feet that makes me so happy.  Something about the freedom in their movement, something about the newness of splashing, the sensation of discovery.
The kids literally ran outside when we told them they could.  They were so excited to don rain boots and see what adventures they could find in the great outdoors.
Heath and I try to focus on giving our kids these experiences, ignoring the mess that will come and remembering the moments of pure bliss.
Because if you don't learn that dragging your feet in a mud puddle makes splashes bigger...
... or that wearing cowboy boots in the rain turns your feet orange... really, what fun is life?
I love that my kids thrive on exploration.  Their faces when they find something new in their little world are amazing.
They ran when they heard that daddy found a swarm of rollie pollies... and Holden used this as a prime opportunity to prove that he was just as brave and bold as those big boys!
We're hoping for more rainy day exploring in the near future!


Anna said...

rain boots are the BEST!

Allison said...

I'm a have fun, experience mess kinda mom too. My kids can't resist puddles :)