October 03, 2010

Lunch rut..

I do really well varying dinners and rotating my favorite recipes, but I feel like lunch is always the same for the kids...

It's healthy, at least!

Lunch is a busy time, so I need a better plan. Help! How do you plan kids' lunches?


Midlife Army Wife said...

Ok, I have to run out the door to church (WHY am I on here??), but here is my "go-to" lunch idea around here.


Stacy (www.midlifearmywife.com)

Paul and DeeDee said...

Sams carries these little circle sandwiches that are supposed to be an appetizer or something. They are frozen and have like 90 in a pack. I just take out 4 for each kid and sit them out for about 45 minutes then they are ready to eat....We don't have them everyday but they are a good one to pack:)

Anonymous said...


Try this...it is the site of our girls lunch boxes. It has TONS of great ideas to steal even if you are eating at home.