October 09, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Pizza nights with daddy are the best. He is so involved with the kids and I love watching them all work together to make the perfect pie!

The kids love working side-by-side with daddy, so the second they heard pizza, they ran and got chairs. (if you follow me on Facebook, you know that this particular pizza night all started with this game, a favorite of ours.)

Holden is a premier mixer, so he was a big helper in the early dough creation stages.

Cash really enjoys the "rolling out" part, but no pizza is complete without a little daddy flipping action!

Holden was starving, he couldn't wait for the pizza to cook, so he tore into a glob of dough.

Daddy makes a yummy cheese pizza (with spinach hidden under the cheese), but he also makes super yummy adult pizzas!

We all love pizza night!

Especially when you throw in a breadstick and some oven roasted okra!

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