October 11, 2010

Fall Organizing

 I had to switch out wardrobes this week and took a little bit of extra time to do some fall organizing.  My house needs this at least every six months.  If not, things just get out of hand!

When we did our remodel last year, we added this shelf in our laundry room.  It's been a treasure!  I can get out the door SO much faster with everything right there!

I took all of our spring/summer shoes off and weeded things down a bit.  Heath and I still keep some shoes in our closet, but ALL of the boys shoes and socks are here... it makes my life easier!

I also added some labels... Stone has been showing an increasing readiness to read, so I thought labels wouldn't hurt!   The bins above hold socks and other "get out the door quick" items like wipes and shopping bags.  On the top shelf is a bin for mittens and hats.  Since we only use them about 2x a year in Texas, they don't have to be readily accessible

Ahh... I can't tell you how much better that feels!

On the back hooks I hung their backpacks and light jackets.  Our heavy jackets stay in the closet... we won't need them for a few more months, and even then just for a couple of weeks.  Plus, their waterproof nature allows them to slide off the hooks easily and that makes me crazy!

I had a stroke on inspiration when I read this post recently. Now why didn't I think of this sooner?  All of the boys stuff in one place makes my life SO much easier!  Granted, I did not put Heath and my stuff together with theirs, like McMama did, but just their stuff together makes putting laundry away and dressing them in the morning a cinch!  I've done this forever with our shoes and PJs, don't know why it never hit me to do it with everything!

I keep most of the boys clothes folded, so this hand-me-down bank of drawers came in really handy.  The drawers are deep, so I can fold things easily in there.  The top drawer is undies and then each child has a drawer for shirts.

I folded their sweaters and pants onto shelves and labeled everything. With the kids being so close in age it's hard to tell at glance who's clothes are who's.

So nice!  Now let's see how long it stays so organized!  Want more tips on how our family keeps it all together, click here to see more posts about organization and our house.


Anna said...

Love it! It looks like time well spent. :)

Allison said...

I LOVE organizing. Honestly, it's a true passion. Put me in an organized space or messy house and let me have fun.This week I have been on a craigslist kick. Blake and I cleaned out our closet and I grouped together lots by category and size. Selling super fast. Maybe I should have asked for more money.

Jess & Nate said...

That's a really good idea. We have a mud room type set up in the laundry room so that would be the perfect place to put the kiddps stuff. I just never thought of it! Way to go! You gave me some great ideas.

Midlife Army Wife said...

Love this! Another friend of mine has a family closet and LOVES it!! Here is the post on her blog about it:

I don't currently have enough kids to do it, but if we ever end up with 4 foster kids at the same time again, I'm so doing something like this! In the meantime, I'm just working on purging and organizing!