October 25, 2010


My husband totally rocks!  He surprised (REALLY) me in my own home with lots of friends and lots of food - which he cooked himself... I really still can't quite grasp how!

My favorite part of the entire evening? That the kids all came running up to give me a hug when I came in!  I love that our group is so close knit that the kids treat us all as equally opportunity mamas!

Sweet Stone was kind enough to help me with the candles... I am getting old, I need help!

 A big thank-you to the man that made it all happen!  Love this guy!

My totally awesome new rocker from the in-laws... I hear tell that there is a photo of Taylor Swift sitting on a near identical bench?  For the record, mine's cooler... that's Super Why on my rocker!

And the best three presents of all!


Anna said...

Love it!

Tammy Stone said...

Looks like a great party! I would take those 3 presents anytime! LOL
You are a very blessed woman!

Allison said...

Fun! I love being another mama to my friends kids. We recently went to the pumpkin patch and in our group shot nobody had their own kid, ha. Happy birthday! I'm still 29 too :)
(or maybe just a bit older)