October 26, 2010

Tot School Tuesday - Behind the Scenes

I've posted before about how our family uses social stories. Up until recently, these stories were used to help Stone grasp and comprehend normal social behaviors within society.  At his new school, the teachers have started using social stories to help with pretend play as well.

It's an area that Stone really struggles with... and in all honesty, one that I struggle with helping him with.  How do you teach someone to pretend?  Especially when it's a someone who has absolutely no interest!

I have the privilege of watching the big boys interact with their teachers while they are in school.  It's a unique set-up - a two-way mirror that allows me to peek in on how things are done.  Through this, I've learned a ton about a lot, but most recently about the social stories they are using during their drama time (pretend play).  I spoke with his teacher at length about this during our parent/teacher conference, and we decided to carry this same practice over into our home.

I've chosen three specific pretend play scenarios that play out often in our home.  Today I finished my first one and wanted to share it with you.  Hopefully, it might be something that helps you, but also, I'd love input on how you think I could better this for Stone and make the experience more interactive for him.

Click here to see our social story as a PDF document.  I've printed it, laminated it and spiral bound it.  So far, it's working well.  My other ideas are a mail delivery route and grocery store shopping.  These are all things that the little boys and I play frequently, and I think Stone will have a ton of fun with us when he understands the process and can join in the fun!


Maite522 said...

Hey Brit,

The link to the pdf isn't working for me. It takes me to the post "Be Strong and Courageous, Do Not Be Afraid", which is powerful I might add...


Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

Thanks Maite! I got it fixed! I just linked to the wrong thing by accident... oops!