October 12, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

Our fine motor skills are on fire after all the fun we had this week!

Cash is really getting the hang of snipping with scissors and had a ton of fun cutting pretend spaghetti with the Grasshopper Kit.

Stone used tweezers to pick up pom poms (another Grasshopper guided activity), then he and daddy did some oral-motor exercises and blew the pom poms all over the living room!

This little bubble blower sure is making our hands strong! It's hard to squeeze, but we're building up our muscles!

We had fun watching this little turtle...

We put him in the fountain and watched him grow and expand this week. What a neat experiment! We measured him each day and charted his growth-and how he shrunk when he was out of the water.

For me, fall is the perfect chance to investigate and explore God's creation. We've talked a lot about pumpkins and how God created each one individually to be unique and special.

We also went on a nature walk...

We collected leaves,

And little pink flowers.

We also saw some things that weren't nature (like this huge spider in the tree!)

And we used our feet to crunch acorns.

I'm doing supper a bit different at our house, which is giving us some time after dinner to play as a family. We're really enjoying it! Having Daddy participate in Tot School makes it that much more fun!

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