November 04, 2010

Good Eats Thursday

It's been a while... I'm still meal planning, I just never got around to putting up the recipes and everything.  I've got the rest of this week planned out and have a list of meals set for the next few weeks.  I've already done all of the shopping, so all I'll need to do in the next few weeks is buy some fresh produce.  Easy breezy!

I didn't assign specific days to these, just because I didn't take the time to run through the weeks.  But I have a list posted on the fridge and will cross off as I go - and plan a day or two ahead according to what we have going on that day.  Busy days call for crock pot meals and make-aheads and there are other days that I can be a bit more hands-on.  I usually know this in advance. It's not the best system by any means, but it's working for us right now.

I know I normally give you the shopping lists and recipes, sorry!  You can look through all of our old recipe lists here, or if you need something that you can't find, just shoot me an e-mail.  I've had to let our housekeeper go and I'm still trying to figure it all out (I'll post more about this later, promise).

So here's our list:
Chicken Pot Pie (We're doing this on Monday.  This is the only one that I have a specific date for because we're doing a casserole swap with a neighbor)
Chicken Tacos (crockpot)
Cranberry Chicken (crockpot)
Pizza (this is already made and in the freezer - I have enough for us to eat it a couple of times)
Red Beans and Rice (out of a box)
Spaghetti Carbonara (no defrosting necessary)
Tamales and Tacos

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Anna said...

I've been doing the "post a list of ideas on the fridge" thing too. Helps me not waste food and not be stressed out when I come home thinking, ok, what now?