November 05, 2010

Frugal Friday

Lunch is hard around our house.  It's just a busy time, kids are fussy because they are hungry and since we're just getting home from speech school, everyone is running around and tearing the house up while I try to throw something together.  I made a call for ideas, and got some really great ones, but I quickly realized that the ideas weren't my shortfalling as much as execution.  So, I tacked the problem with a different strategy:

 Pre-packed lunches.  Every night for the last week I've packed the kids lunches and I can't tell you how much time this has saved me.  But how is it frugal?

A lot of times after school we'll get an impromptu invitation to run to the park, or head to a play area.  Since I've been trying to move naps back a little, this is a great diversion to make it through.  So, I hate to turn the playdates down, but I can't afford to run through the drive-thru and I can't ask the kids to starve.

These lunches have been a lifesaver.  I pack them in reusable, divided Ziplock containers then put them in a cooler each day so we're ready to go, whatever life may throw at us.  Even if we just eat them at home, they are all ready and the meltdowns are left to a minimum.

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1 comment:

Anna said...

Great idea! It's amazing what can be accomplished while kids are asleep. I love the idea that you've got lunch already with you - so if that means eating at the park, lunch in the car before another errand, or just heading home, you're prepared no matter what.