November 06, 2010

Super Late Halloween

I know I never got a Halloween picture up.  Now it's super late, but my kids are extremely cute so I'm hoping that makes up for it?

Here's the gang, my giraffe, monkey and dragon.  I know the dragon really doesn't fit our theme, but it was what was on sale in a 4t.  You get what you and you don't get upset.

And yes, that's Miss Analeigh in the picture.  I didn't get any Halloween photographs on my camera, so this one is stolen from our church's Fall Fest.  Analeigh was there with our sweet friend Laura - she's a bat, Analeigh, not Laura.

The kids really got Halloween this year.  They loved trick-or-treating and had a blast getting dressed up and parading around the neighborhood in their costumes.  They even got to wear them at school, now they ask daily to wear them.  Unfortunately, that's not an option.

Happy (week late) Halloween!  Hope it was fun!

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