November 16, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

The weather has been amazing, so the boys and I have been outside exploring as often as we can... They love riding their trikes!  Stone and Holden are still working on the pedals, but Cash has mastered the fine art of pedaling... he's almost too fast to keep up with!
 We've even been eating outside too!  Is there any other way to eat pasta?  We love being outside, the house stays clean, we all win!
 Do you think they thought it was fun?
 The big boys talked a lot about food groups, grocery shopping and cooking at school this week, so we carried the theme over to our house.  We've had shopping carts around since last Christmas and they are a favorite toy around here. Such a great open-ended toy for imaginative play!
 We have some pretend food, but the boys favorite thing to play with is real food... they scour the pantry and the fruit bowl for their finds and love walking it around the house.
 Holden got exhausted while shopping, so he took a break in the dog bed.  If only this was an option for me!
 For the most part, the boys food finds generally get put back in their original places unscathed, but sometimes we suffer some causalities... like this tomato!

 Holden and Cash decided to step their shopping up a notch and added some mommy shoes to the mix... I guess you could say were working on balancing and life skills here?  They have an amazing knack for picking the most difficult to walk in shoes in my closet, but they actually do really well!
 Daddy built another obstacle course and it rocked!  This has turned out to be such a great way to work on receptive and expressive language traits while getting some gross motor work in.  And, the boys LOVE it!
 Under the tunnel...
 Jumping in the pillows...
And my favorite part of this weeks' obstacle course?  Giving Daddy a hug was #7 stop on the course tour...
It was Stone's favorite stop!

For more of our learning activities from past weeks, head here.  To see what moms across the country are doing to help their littles learn, visit 1+1+1=1.

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Anna said...

I love the obstacle courses with pictures and numbers... and hugs!