November 16, 2010


My kitchen sink is full of dishes... And I'm excited!

I know, you're probably scratching your head wondering, "why in the world is the neurotic no-clutter lady happy with dishes in her sink." It's all about the dishes. Let me explain:

Many moons ago (about nine years worth of moons to be exact) I fell in love with some dishes. It was actually a set of dishes. A dessert set. Heath's mom was taking me on a tour 'o shops in their hometown so I could decide where to register. I walked into a shop and there were the dishes. Decision made.

During this time period I was kind-of-a-little obsessed with All My Children. The people on the show were, for the most part, married adults. They were always having people over for dinner and drinks. Thus, I thought my super great dessert set find was a good choice. Very practical, for sure.

I registered for, and received, the dishes: two huge platters, a cake plate, a coffee service, eight plates and eight coffee cups. Heath and I were married, we moved into our first home together, we were married adults and we never invited anyone over for dessert. I displayed some of the plates, but the majority of the set was put in storage.

Not a unique story.

When we redid our kitchen, the set was resurrected. Most of the pieces still had the original gift tag affixed to the back. We'd been married for eight years and they that never been used! This had to change!

Today the dishes are sitting out, all set for tomorrow morning. I've invited some moms from the boys' school over for coffee and brunch. The plates will be perfect...

And I am so excited!

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