November 23, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

 This week was the big boys' last week of school.  I have some fun activities planned for the Christmas season, and since our schedule will be slower, we'll have more structured activities.  But, for this week, with school still in full-force, we had fun playing and learning as we went.  I think there is so much to be said for not overscheduling kids, for letting them learn and explore on their own, and for not forcing them into certain activities to help them learn.  We learn so much by just having fun!

Imaginative play has always been a big player at our house, especially for the little boys, but we had a ton of fun this week pulling out our police uniforms and pretending to give traffic tickets.  If the boys take after me at all, learning to receive a traffic ticket will be a useful skill, ahem....

 Sun glasses are a very important part of a police outfit.  Holden likes to wear his upside down, you know, just to confuse the bad guys!

We always spend a good portion of our week reading, but Heath snapped a picture of us this week.  This is my favorite time with the kids, all jammied up after baths.  The boys are always super cuddly and love snuggling with their blankets.  Our current favorite books are My First Truck Book and Ten Little Dinosaurs.

The big boys had their last day of school on Friday and celebrated with a Thanksgiving feast.  They have loved this semester!  Stone will be on break for a while - school starts back in January - and Cash has graduated from this speech intensive school and is moving on to a bi-weekly Mother's Day Out program.  We're excited!

The boys love their trains.  We have a train table, but I recently pulled out the track so we could start building.  I must have failed the day of the mommy school where they teach you how to build a track...  I just can never make them connect!  Luckily Nanny came by and saved the day!

Like I said, more scheduled Tot School will be coming soon... mostly Christmas focused items that will focus on the birth of our Savior.

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