November 19, 2010


Lately, Cash has been busting with imaginative fun and I love it!

He can make anything out of anything. Like this morning when he put his pants on his head and declared himself an elephant... The pant legs being his trunk.

Or when he put on daddy's motorcycle helmet, jumped on a bike and dubbed himself space-bike man.

Even a pretend trip to the store is fun. He pretends to change the channels on the radio, changing the song he's singing each time, and he always has a huge list of items to purchase. Here he is heading to the lake house... You might not be able to see it at first glance, but there's a super-big imaginary watermelon in the back of his ride. He's prepared!

I love all of his stories and find his imagination to be so much fun, except of course, when he "pretends" to hit his brothers... For some reason he forgets to pretend and just hits. Oh well!

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Anna said...

Hahaha, But mom, I just pretended to hit him! Well, sweetie, you did so good at pretending, that it hurt him for real. I've heard that conversation before.