December 28, 2010

Tot School Tuesday - Christmas Break

Other than our Advent Activities, we were on break this week.  It was fun to spend some time with daddy and recoup from our busy schedules.  We're back to Tot School activities this week, learning all about "What Goes Together!"

Since I don't have any real photos from this week, I thought I would leave you with a little word find:

How many words can you find in this picture?  I count five*.

When the "babies"  are napping, and Stone isn't doing Big Brother Time, he often plays with his Castleworks toy or his letter magnets.  He loves arranging the letters and has become a rockstar at sounding words out.  He's always working on something, and I love walking by and seeing what words he's come up with!  Today it was:
Pop (his name for my dad)
NiNi (his name for my mom)
Kem (he was trying to spell Nanny's (Heath's mom) "other" name, which is Kim.  It's not perfect, but I had to give it to him!)

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Anonymous said...

That bacon and eggs shirt looks absolutely precious on E!

Anonymous said...

PS this is Aunt Colbie. I don't know why it says "anonymous."

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

You were always so mysterious! :)