December 28, 2010

Battle of the (Rubber) Bands

My hair was thick and unruly growing up. My poor mother had few options to actual "fix" my hair. If she put it in a pony tail, the rubber band would become too stressed and break. She often resorted to pig tails, which, when dry, swelled to flank my head like huge puff balls.

There is actually a picture of me sitting on a tree stump with two of my best buds, we were about four-years-old. I'm in the middle wearing my pig tails and they are actually having to lean to the side to escape my hair. Eekk!

Recently, due to a miraculous hair treatment, I finally have a handle on my hair... Which brings me to the picture above.

We spent a lot of last week at Heath's parents house (code name: the country). I'm a notoriously light packer and often employ the "there's a Walmart there" approach, i.e. if I need it, I'll buy it. I forgot rubber bands to tie my hair back, so I search through my sister-in-law's drawers and found a small orange one. Never did I think it would hold my hair back without popping, but guess what? It did!

In my world, this is a huge day... I'll never look at rubber bands the same way again!


Yiyelli said...

I had mine done last time I got my hair done and it is amazing. I am scrounging my pennys to get it done again next month. What a difference it makes.


Allison said...

you are a funny lady :)