January 04, 2011

2011 Goals

I like the idea of goals instead of resolutions.  I'm a goal/task oriented person.  I love me a check list.

As I sat down and looked at the things that I wanted to work on and pray about in 2011, I noticed several common themes, so I've grouped the listing below accordingly.  My plan is to check back in on these things throughout the year... maybe that will hold me accountable!

Read 20 books throughout the year.  List to include:
- Eat, Pray, Love
- Tell Your Time
- If God is Good
- Crazy Love
- Under the Overpass
- Sun Stand Still
Sleep at least 8 hours/night
Get in The Word
Set up strict "office hours" to do blogging, cleaning and networking
Spend time with friends... at least 2x month of 1-on-1 time
Spend time with a mentor/prayer partner
Network more in the blogging world and build more readership and better content

Read The Out of Sync Child and Radical together
Spend more time together - have a date night at least one time/month
Plan at least one long weekend without kids - don't even have to go anywhere

Find a better, more organized daily schedule (I've jotted this out on paper and will share with you soon)
Work on Bible memorization with the kids using Seeds of Courage and these printables
Plan one-on-one dates with each child, at least once/month
Complete a full-functioning Family Binder
Pray about fostering and or adoption/adding to our family.  We don't have a clear picture of what this looks like yet, but want to be vigilant about moving forward.
Fully organize the garage and all storage areas, then donate all the stuff in there that isn't currently being used

Re-evaluate our tithing and how we can give outside of that.  Continue to stretch ourselves in this area
Start saving for a family trip to Fossil Rim
Re-evaluate our budget monthly, continue to make decisions based on needs and not wants

Freezer cook and pre-make more meals to stay ahead of hungry children
Cook more from scratch and use very little canned goods
Cut out all high frutose corn syrup
Cut out all un-natural sweeteners
Cut out all processed foods
Cut out all artificial colors


Kylee said...

Awesome goals! I am reading Radical right now, and LOVE it. David Platt has so much wisdom to impart. It is one of those books where I want to highlight the whole thing!

Happy 2011! : )

Penelope said...

Great goals! I am reading Eat Pray Love right now. Rated R in places.

I was going to set all sorts of goals and had them written out BUT right now with our 3-year-old's behavior - I will have one goal: TRANSFORMATION!
Everything I do will be centered around his, mine and our family's transformation through Him.

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

Kylee - You're quite awesome and inspiring.. You've also got a lot of wisdom to impart. Would you write a manual for me? :)

Penelope - We're praying for you guys! He'll do great because you're just the mommy he needs!