January 23, 2011


This post from a couple of years ago is very fitting right now. Why? Because I'm sick. And not just a little sick, chills and fever kind of sick. Blek!!

Heath, in all of his amazing awesomeness, has taken the boys over this weekend so I can rest, whilst quarantined in my room. I miss them so, so much!

I love hearing all of their amazing adventure stories with their daddy, but have to admit my jealously that I can't participate.

He took them to church this morning (and taught Stone's Sunday School class, I might add) so I emerged from the room to do some batch cooking, which I'll give a full post later. It wore me out! I should have listened to Heath and stayed in bed. Darn, stubborn me!

I'm so very thankful for the wonderful man I married. I couldn't do any of this without his sacrificial love for me and the boys.

Now off to sleep! Stone starts a new speech program tomorrow, and I'm touring a new ABA based school for him on Tuesday, so I have to be on my game!

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Kylee said...

Eww, no fun! Hope you feel better soon!