January 25, 2011

Tot School Tuesday

We did a transportation theme this week in Tot School and the boys loved it!  I think I might continue it into next week, mostly because this just popped up online today and I'm dying to do it with the boys.  Don't you think they'll love it?

Stone used his little speller to work on some transportation words this week.  He really loves this great hand-me-down and we've found all sorts of fun ways to use the letters and cards.

Cash and Stone both worked on their writing this week.  I love how different they are in what they do.  Cash writes really small...

 And Stone uses the whole board, often taking it upon himself to fill it up!
 This was the start of the sick... we spent some time lounging this week...
 I let the boys explore their Lakeshore Learning Transportation Bin on their own.  They spent a lot of time driving the cars and boats around, talking about which forms of transportation had wheels and which didn't.  It was a lot of fun to watch them take free reign and have fun!
 Holden loved the cars, trucks, ambulances and boats that came in the kit.  We sorted them all out by color, and he did great!
 I cut their cream cheese sandwiches into transportation shapes, planes and boats, for this week...
 .. and Holden had fun flying the bites into his mouth!
 Cash fell hardest with sick (besides me), so he spent a lot of time reading on the couch... pour thing just didn't want to participate.
 Holden also sorted his different transportation vehicles by type.  I have to admit that this kind-of surprised me.  He needed no assistance, and drove or flew each one to the correct spot on the first try!
 We put together our traffic jam puzzle, taking care to put the outside pieces together first.  Stone likes to fill the middle in later!
 A little play-doh time with traffic shapes. Roll it out...
 ... and cut it up!
And my favorite picture of the week, Cash reading to Holden.  Look at Holden's face... he gets surprised each time Cash points out a new vehicle, even if he knows what it is!

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Anna said...

Love this post! I like the transportation theme, and all the pictures of your boys being sweet brothers.