January 24, 2011

Batch Cooking

This week the kitchen was hopping again.  Sick isn't an excuse at our house!

Here's what was made:

Sweet Citrus Chicken
Mini Meatloaf Surprise
Corn and Cheese Enchiladas
Homemade Spaghetti O's
Skirt Steak with Chimichurri
Three Cheese Beef Pasta Shells

I got all of it finished in about a two-hour time span.  With all of the batch cooking that I've been up to, I think I might take a break this weekend... we'll see!  We'll be out of town the first weekend in February, so I might have to weigh that into consideration.  BUT, our freezer is full!

I've had several people ask how it all gets done so quickly. I have a bit of a leg-up at assembly line cooking since I used to work at Super Suppers in the evenings to make adoption money, but it's really easy for anyone.  Especially if you take use of a few short cuts!

Remembering to defrost your meat is key.  If I ever forget, I often soak in warm water to make for a quicker defrost. If you do defrost your meat this way, make sure you use it immediately.

Pre-minced garlic and frozen, chopped onions are my best friends.  So worth the extra expense to keep me from all the prep work... and all the crying.  I can't cut onions without crying!

I recently got an automatic hot water dispenser for Christmas.  I've found so many uses for it!  One is cooking pasta al-dente... which is perfect for casseroles!

Here's the big haul for this week.  Can't wait to gobble it up!

Our menu this week is:
Monday: Corn and Cheese Enchiladas
Tuesday: Neighbor Dinner at our house (stuffed shells)
Wednesday: Spaghetti-O's or mac and cheese (I have Teen MOPS that evening and Stone has choir)
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie
Friday: Pizza at CiCis (the boys have swim lessons, so I'm trying to keep it easy)
Saturday: Mini Meatloafs
Sunday: Left-Overs

For more of our past batch cooking experiences and menus, as well as recipes, just click here!


Keeslermom said...

I love big batch cooking, but don't do the cook-all-weekend part. I just quadruple a recipe when I do cook, and freeze the 3 extras. Then I can yank them out of the freezer on a crazy day!

Anonymous said...

always defrost in room temp water or you run a risk of food poisoning!

Jessica said...

Yay! Thank you, Brit! These recipes are great! I have the hardest time getting any variety around here b/c everyone (including me) is so picky. These are recipes we will all eat. I need to try the batch thing. Pretty soon, I'm probably going to need to. :-) Great post!