January 01, 2011


My friend Amy made us some home made pumpkin butter. Made it from scratch. Like hull out your own pumpkin, then use it to make pumpkin butter. Yep, that kind of "from scratch."

If you ask her, it was just something she whipped up. You know, because she just so happened to have hulled a pumpkin.

She's quite the inspiration!

So much the inspiration is she that I'm going to attempt to make tomato soup from scratch. It's not hull your own pumpkin stuff, but there IS a significant amount of peeling and seeding to be done.

And, at the very least, it will remove this open book from my counter, which has been sitting there, taunting me for about three weeks!


Anna said...

You can do it! It's not too bad. And kind of delightfully squishy. ;)

ASC said...

Hey, even those of us that hull their own pumpkins deign to buy huge cans of peeled tomatoes from Sam's to make "homemade" tomato basil soup. You know, because if I'm busy doing that to pumpkins, I can't peel and seed tomatoes! :)