December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

My dad is known for his breakfasts..

Cheesy eggs, bacon cooked to perfection, biscuits, pancakes, little sausages... It was all made on a lazy Sunday morning. Growing up, my parents' kitchen had a large island with a stovetop in the middle. The stovetop had a griddle and we loved sitting on those barstools and watching my dad make bacon and flip pancakes.

And these weren't ordinary pancakes, no-sir-ee. My dad was quite the artist. He'd make all sorts of shapes freehand and we loved seeing what he came up with!

On New Years Day he always wrote out the new years' numbers in batter. Freehand. And they were always perfect... At least that's how I remember it!

My kids shouldn't expect free-hand number pancakes this new year, but I might throw a Mickey Mouse pancake into the mix.

Yep, I'm fancy!

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Allison said...

sounds like my dad!! he is the king of breakfast. and he loves having people over for breakfast- any excuse to entertain. Too bad we now live 750 miles away.