February 24, 2011

Live African Chat

Funny things happen when you write a blog. Even funnier things happen when people start reading it.

In my life, I learned a long time ago to never question the wheels that God puts into motion. You know, those things that happen that you know are ordained by Him? This is one of those things:

Through a series of blog connections, my family (and you as our extended family) has been offered the chance to have a glimpse at the beautiful country and people of Africa, specifically the remote Ethiopian village of Garmaam. We can chat with the people there, our kids can see the kids there. We will see, first hand and live, what is needed there.

We will be joined by a translator and our friends the Aarseths who are planning on beginning full time mission work in Ethiopia beginning in August of this year.

This Skype session is truly ground-breaking. The village of Garmaam is remote, a bumpy one hour drive from the nearest town. We only (JUST NOW) found out that it was possible and that we could participate! There is no internet or cell phone access in the village. This will be the first time a Skype call will ever have been done in this village and they will be using a satellite for an internet connection.

I'm so excited about the opportunity and hope that you will join us!

If you are local, please e-mail (britchambersATgmailDOTcom) me for information. We'll gather at our home beginning at 8 p.m. on Friday, February 24.

Feel free to bring friends and kids are welcome. I know it's late, but this is a one time chance. A chance to be a part of something much bigger than us! We will have some yummy Ethiopian food to try and some authentic buna (Ethiopian coffee)!

Of course, if you aren't local, I'll still keep you in the loop! I can't wait to share all of the pictures and fellowship that we'll have!


Anna said...

Just thinking about your Africa chat and wondering how it went. Hope it was amazing!

Allison said...

Fun! Yes, please keep us posted. I assume you saw the film "babies"? So, interesting to see other cultures. Not sure if I'm ready to wipe the poopy bottom on my leg and then wipe off my leg with an old corn cobb. But, so interesting.