February 23, 2011

What's This Wednesday - The Reveal

You guys are so good!  This is, in fact, a beautiful display of love, drawn by my sweet Cash, in Sharpie marker.

I'd really like to know how my kids find my Sharpie's.

I hide them.

I guess just from myself.

And I loved the ideas for getting it off... unfortunately (but I guess fortunately for you), I got to try both recommended methods.  Once for Cash's beautiful artwork on the chair (as pictured), and once for Stone's lovely depiction of his name on my pantry door.  Gotta love that kid's dedication to working the fine motor skills!

I'm going to go try hiding them again.  When I ask you where I put them, please let me know they're on the top shelf of the pantry, next to the pancake mix.  I promise I'll ask, it's just a matter of time!

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