February 12, 2011

No Pay, All Benefits

I'm a stay-at-home mom, it's hard work and the pay's not that great...

We had a speaker at MOPS recently who asked what we'd do differently if we got paid for our work, if we had to report back to someone on the day's activities.  Would it change the way we did things?

Motherhood is such an emotional job, both in its rewards and its issues.  It's hard to quantify it, but here's my attempt at trying.  Motherhood by the numbers, if you will:

Today I unloaded and reloaded my children from their car seats eight times,
I made up six beds,
and swept the floor twice.
I've done three loads of laundry and two loads of dishes.
I kissed one imaginary boo-boo on a finger,
I wiped more snotty noses and dirty bottoms than I care to count,
I was spit on twice,
Yelled at three times,
Had my foot stomped on,
and lost my temper.

I also got 10 kisses,
was told I was "lubbed,"
and got to give cuddles and read books to three of the most gorgeous blessings on this planet.

For me, the benefits well outweigh the costs.  I love being a mom!

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jen said...

love this post! what a great idea to try and "quantify" it both the goods and bads.