February 14, 2011

Last Minute Valentine

Uh, Oh!  Did you forget that today was Valentines?  Well here's a great idea that might just save you!

I love this - not just because it's super simple and sweet, but because it reminds me of my dad.  You see, each year my dad comes up with an amazing way to give away a wad of cash... he wraps it up in a unique way and we have to guess how much is there.

He's wrapped it around picture frames, frozen it into ice, put it in Jello, placed it into a long tube, etc. etc.  Whoever guesses closest to the amount gets the cash.  We get pretty competitive with it.

I'll tell you though, the Jello wasn't the greatest of ideas.  I won that year.  Apparently when you steal money from a bank they put dye in. The red Jello stains mimic those dyes.  Ask me why I know.

* Photo from Life as Mom

Anyway, this idea is a GREAT way to celebrate Valentines and I instantly fell in love when I saw it.  Can you guess how much is in the box?  I have a guess, but no way of knowing for sure!  Why don't you make your own!

Happy LOVE day!


Anna said...

As a giver of that gift, would it be out of line to buy the box of candy and then eat all the chocolates to have the empty wrappers? It's all about sacrificial giving. :) Cute idea, never would have thought of it!

John said...