February 01, 2011

Tot School Tuesday

 We're continuing our transportation theme this week.  We had so much fun last week working through all of the different things that go, that we felt we needed to do more!

The boys loved driving their cars in paint.  We spent hours doing this!  They mostly stayed on the paper, so it really wasn't even a mess!

We used several different cars and talked a lot about the different tracks they made, if the spacing was wider, if the tracks they left were bumpier or smoother, etc. The boys were very into it... maybe they have a future  in CSI work? Don't they usually use car tread to solve a case?

We also used this activity as an opportunity to talk about color mixing.  We've actually been talking a lot about mixing colors, remember our snow paint?  The boys all know their colors now, so this is a logical next step... another reason I love Tot School thinking, the kids explore on their own and tell you exactly what they want to know next.  I love being able to be present to watch them learn!

There were several books that we loved this week, The Construction Alphabet Book, Things that Go, My Big Truck Book and  Clang Clang Beep Beep.

I love catching my boys reading!  It's something that Heath and I so enjoy, and I love that it's been passed down to them!

Stone's favorite book right now is the dictionary.  This copy was actually mine when I was a child.  He likes the page numbers and seeing where each letter starts.  I find him quite often, in the corner with his book, just flipping through the pages...

Cash makes up all sorts of stories to go with the pictures in the books.  I love when he gets his hands on a new book and makes up the story entirely on his own!

Holden will read anything and everything.  He likes to have a big stack of books to work from, and he can be very methodical in the way it's all supposed to be done.

Stone and I worked on some words that were in keeping with our transportation theme... He likes to trace my letters and is getting better and better with his fine motor skills.  It's nice that he's built up a bit of confidence in this area, because now I can get him to work with me a bit more!

I'm letting Stone have a bit more screen time on the computer, about 30 minutes daily. We've actually revised our TV policy and pretty much cut out the television all together.  Funny thing?  My kids haven't even asked for it!  Stone loves Starfall and we recently discovered their new site More Starfall.  It's a "pay" site, but we're still using the free version.  He has finally gotten the hang of the mouse, so he can play independently.  So nice!  We have an old laptop that he works on, which is nice because I'm not having to stand over his shoulder to make sure that he's not pulling buttons off.

This is what my keyboard currently looks like, thanks to a previous Stone session.  Notice anything missing?

Now that he's adept with the mouse, I think we might be ready for the Raising Rockstars Curriculum from 1+1+1=1.  I've been waiting for this for a while and am SO excited about starting it with him!  We'll try the sample lesson next week and see how it all goes!


Kristalyn said...

i have recently found your blog and love it. love all the love you have for your boys. i too have 3 boys and love them and all their curiosity, messes, and adventure.

Allison said...

another fun activity. Use blue painters tape and make roads/tracks on the floor. Fun activity to follow the lines with cars/trains and even trikes and walking/running pretending to be cars. In washington we need to be creative inside :)

fosteringmyfamily said...

I don't think little boys can get enough of things that go. I had the same issue with the transportation week theme - it needs to go on forever.