March 14, 2011

Batch Cooking - Menu Plan

Oh Spring Break, how I love thee!

I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful Spring Break is for you moms who have kids in school full-time.  I only have one in a half-day speech therapy program and I'm already over the moon that I get to spend time with him this week... and have a lot less of a schedule to go by!

We're also not doing our homeschooling this week, just some wild fun and time with family!

We're headed to the lake for the weekend, so my meal planning for this week is light.  Here's the schedule:

Monday:  Spaghetti Pie (I know this is always on our meal plan, it's cheap, easy, and my kids adore it)
Tuesday:  Neighbor Dinner
Wednesday: Roast
Thursday:  Leftover Buffet
Friday: McD's on our way to the lake
Saturday: At the lake
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner

It's starting to get warm here, so I'm trying to compile as many crock pot recipes as I can for the summer.  Do you have any that you love?  Please share!

My favorite site for crockpot cooking is Crockpot 365.  I've tried tons of her recipes and they've all been hits!  Once summer starts, cooking on the stove or with the oven becomes near impossible!

If you're searching for some dinner ideas, or want to try once-a-month cooking like me, I highly suggest you check out these sites:

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