March 20, 2011

Things I'm Reading

I posted about this post on Rage Against the Minivan the other day.  If you didn't get a chance to read my post, please skip back and do so... I think this is a must read.

Other things I've read lately that I thought you might like are:
- Top 10 Ideas for 10 Minute Dinners - Really, who doesn't need these?  Super healthy, packed with nutrition and quick to do on nights when you forget to defrost your batch cooking!
- Don't Fix What's Broken - Little Miss Perfectionist that I am really needed to read this article, take a deep breath and tell myself that it's all going to be okay.
- Figs to Go for Fig a Roo - I'm always looking for healthy, cheap alternatives to packaged, expensive snacks... remember the LaraBars?  This looks just as good and I can't WAIT to try them!
- Forever Changed - Yet another blog about foster care, highlighting some bad and some good.  Kylee is one of my favorite bloggers, and (even at 18) one of my role models.
- Carrot, Broccoli and Cheese Orzo - Yum!
- Printable Month Signs for Baby Pictures - These were not all the rage when my kids were little (sigh).  The idea is too darn cute!  Thanks to Lindsey for providing these printables free of charge!
- Tools Tot Pack - People who can create stuff like this (and have the giving heart to share them!) amaze me!  I can't wait to use this tools pack... my boys are going to be in heaven!

Then there's my stack 'o books.  These are all ones that I want to read or re-read.  I just finished the first book in the Hunger Games series.  Oh my, run, don't walk to get these!  So so good!  Heath's on the third and it's really, really bothering me that he's ahead!

I'm also re-reading a few parts of Parenting a Child with Intense Emotions and doing my daily Bible study.

What's in your reader and on your shelf that I missed?

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