April 14, 2011

Challenge Air

We spent last Saturday participating in an event for special needs kids called Challenge Air.  To say it was amazing is a complete understatement.  To say I have the words to describe it, well that wouldn't be accurate either.  The entire event actually left me quite speechless, so I'll let the photos do the majority of the talking:

 We had so many people show up to support us... Grandaddy even brought a new video camera with him.  Now that will win over a little boy's heart!
 Balloons galore... the entire airplane hangar was decorated and filled with activities and crafts for the kids!
 Holden built.
 We played with our besties...
 And this?  This was our cheering section.  All of these people came out to support our sweet Stone.  Really, does it get any better?

 Stone might have loved the intercom system on the plane more than his actual flight... just might have...
 He even snapped a photo of me in my gear.  Such a techie he is!
 We didn't get a great picture with him (which I regret), but this man is Pilot Mike. He flew us, he was amazing, beyond selfless.  It was his birthday, he spent it with us, serving our son in such an amazing way.  Thank you seemed so so small.
 Stone was so relaxed once we got up, he took a great nap.  I think this is the first time he's napped in ages.  Maybe we could take a spin in Pilot Mike's plane every afternoon?
We were so thankful to have been chosen to participate in such an amazing event.  Please, if you are interested in supporting an organization who works with special needs children, including those with autism, consider aiding Challenge Air.  There were a lot of lives changed... you could even help change one!

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