April 05, 2011

Learning and Lesson Plans

After a bit of time off celebrating Spring Break, jumping back into our school time was a tad of a challenge.  I had some wiggly kids!  But the space curriculum kept them coming back and we had a lot of fun with our lesson plan this week. You can find links to all of the printables for these activities in the links within the lesson plan.

The boys sorted their rockets by size.  We sit during circle time and take turns placing the rockets.  Sometimes there is some correction and moving, but the boys do a good job working together to get it all done!

We used our space word cards as a matching game.  The boys love helping me find a match!

We used our bodies to spell out the letters in the word astronaut.  Can you guess which letter Stone is making?

Find the letter A! The boys took turns using their Do-a-Dot markers to stamp all the letter A's on the page.  The little boys had a bit of trouble with this activity, especially since they A's were mixed upper-and-lower-cased.  Stone did a great job leading the other boys... that was such a fun thing to watch!

Stone and his copy-work... did you see my post about him doing his work with two hands?  Little genius!

We spent some time with Starfall, one of our favorite past times!

Working with Do-A-Dot's again.  All of the boys do a great job placing their stamps within the circles!

We LOVE when Daddy helps with our school!  One of the boys' favorite things to do with Daddy is cut, he knows how to hold the paper just right!

Another size sorting activity...

And a bit of gross motor movement as the boys found numbers and chased each other to each spot.

For some reason, the antlers were space gear... I never fully understood, but they were all in on it!

We love our play-dough mats!

We're moving into our Spring lessons next week!  Our garden is ready and we're eager to learn... click here to see our full lesson plan, using the materials from this Homeschool Creations unit.

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