April 26, 2011

Learning and Lesson Plans

After several weeks of really scheduling our Learning and Lesson Plan time, we took Easter week off and just did some of our natural learning activities. It was interesting, the kids have gotten used to the routine of "school," so they really missed the structure, but they also really enjoyed pulling out some items that we hadn't played with in a while!

We haven't played with our Smart  Shapes Stacking Pegs in a while, it was quite amazing how much improvement they have made in since we last played with it.  First we sorted by color, then we sorted by shape.  They always self corrected and didn't need my help or direction a bit!
This clock puzzle is a new-to-us garage sale find and the boys are really enjoying it.  Stone is working hard on the "time telling" portion of the puzzle, but the little boys love matching the numbers. It's one of those great multi-purpose toys that all ages can play with in different ways... love those!
Holden asked me to pull out some of our tracing sheets from the weeks prior and worked on them for quite a while.  He'd be thrilled to fill in every single square inch of the paper if he could!
I finished The Hunger Games series this week, which meant a little extra independent reading time for the boys.  They love working on the Hidden Pictures section of their High Five magazines.
The boys also enjoyed using paper dolls to reenact the Easter story.  They really enjoyed this, which shouldn't surprise me since they love using flannel boards.

We're building some really special family traditions into Easter - you can see last year here (yes, the shirts fit this year too!), but I need to step up some Biblical Easter traditions.  The boys know the story, but I want to work on reinforcing.... I even forgot to pull out our Resurrection Eggs!

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