May 17, 2011

Learning and Lesson Plans

We've had a ton of fun talking about spring, so we stuck in theme and delved into the world of bugs this week!  

Stone and I played a great game of Eric Carle's Animal Color Bingo.  I love when I can steal some one-on-one time with my guys.

Stone is really moving and grooving with math concepts.  We've moved into a kindergarten math curriculum and it's proving to be just the right challenge level to keep him interested and focused.

Reading readiness is coming right along too!  He helped me find the right words to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and also colored his sheet.  The sheet coloring is not his favorite, but he worked really hard to stay in the lines and hold his crayon correctly.  We're getting there!

We also did some math concept work with our counting bugs.  My favorite part was when he would make up math problems for me.  So fun!

We used our dotters to make bees...

And the boys helped me to place the stripes and then colored some hives.

An easy activity that turned out super cute!

We ripped some paper to create...

...A B and a bee!

Our special snack this week was a caterpillar...

We also used out counting skills to create a caterpillar... This was a great activity because Stone was able to really help push the little boys in their number recognition - and reinforced numerical order for Stone.

And speaking for caterpillars, we have one!  In a cocoon... and we're watching it daily.

Unfortunately, Mr. Caterpillar has been loved a bit too much.  He's been dropped once.  Not quite sure he'll make it out of his cocoon, but we're hoping!

UPDATED:  He's here!  Our little butterfly friend made it!

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