May 16, 2011

Processing... processing

I've never owned a food processor.  When Heath and I got married, we registered for a super fancy, way expensive ice cream maker instead.  I think we might have used it twice.  We got married young, can you tell?

But, I'm now the proud owner of a food processor.  A really fancy food processor, thanks to my sweet in-laws. So, for the next few weeks, please indulge me in my obsession to process.

I've already started and am SO excited about my creation!

Remember when I borrowed my neighbors' food processor recently to create my own LaraBars?  Well, I took that gluten-free, whole food, raw food yumminess a step further and created the perfect chocolate LaraBar knock-off.  Oh my!

My kids gobbled them, Heath and I are in love with them, you have to try them!

Here's how:

In a food processor pulverize 1.25 pounds of raw almonds and .5 pounds unsweetened baking chocolate
Remove into a large bowl
In a food processor, beat 2 pounds pitted dates into a paste
Add dates to bowl with almonds and chocolate and mix throughly with your hands until consistent all the way through

Form mixture into bars and seal in Press and Seal or plastic wrap... see how here.

Lick the mixture off your fingers.  Wash and dry your hands.  Think about sharing with your children and husband.

Store what you don't eat in the fridge.

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