May 31, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday

Is it just my kids?  

They can be totally entertained, totally engaged until... I actually try to do something.   Talking on the phone is the worst.  My kids will read books on their own for hours, but I pick up the phone to try to call to schedule an appointment and BAM, they're all over me!

I originally saw this idea on another homeschool blog.  Such a simple, great idea that has really worked for our family!

I created a laminated construction paper sheet that simply says, "MOMMY, I need help!"

Then I took a clip, wrote each kid's name on it and affixed it to the sheet.

Now, when I'm on the phone and the boys need me, they go and grab a clip and pin it to my shirt.  That way, I remember that they need me and can respond to their need just as soon as I'm done with my task (off the phone, helping another brother, changing a diaper).

We've had this in place for about a week and it's greatly reduced whining and nagging in our house.  The first few days I greatly over-exaggerated giving help immediately after I was finished, but it's just a part of routine now.  Love these simple ideas that can be life changing!

What do you do at your house that works for your family?  Head over to We are THAT Family to see more ideas from smart moms across the globe!

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