June 02, 2011

Things I'm Reading

It's been a while since I've posted about the wonderful bits of info I've found all over the Web.  I try to keep a running list, but I've just forgotten to post and link them up as of late.  I'd like to start with a book, then I'll get to the Web readings.

Have you read Heaven is for Real?  You need to. Like, now!

Love this post about teaching your kids how to respect those with disabilities for the amazing talents they have.  Cash has recently noticed people in wheel chairs (a lot) and this post has changed the way I'm handling his curiosity and questions.

I learned a ton from Lauren's series about nutrition.  She's not a nutritionist, just a mom trying to figure it all out, and she taught me a ton along the way!

I haven't tried this yet, and probably won't until it gets cooler again, but how cool would it be to make cheese?

Yum!  This summer salad is right up my alley!  Literally, right up my alley, our alley neighbors are about to have a bumper cucumber crop!

Adoption is our thing, but I know it's not everyone's.  Here's a great list of things you can do to help care for orphans WITHOUT adopting.

I love family mission statements and Rockin' Granola's is no exception.  If you're interested in reading ours, you can find that here.

Have you found any good things around the Web?  What books are you reading?

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