June 20, 2011

Menu Monday

We're getting back into normal routines around here after a couple of weeks off (a bit more on that later). It feels good to be back in planning mode, but I really need to get a good batch cook in to feel complete and ready to take on the world. That might happen Sunday, we'll see.

If you're looking for batch cooking ideas and menu plans I highly suggest you check out www.orgjunkie.com. Great ideas!

I did make some big batches of tomato sauce, tomato soup and zucchini hummus yesterday with some produce I had on hand. I also made a good amount of chocolate LaraBars that will hold us in breakfasts for a while.

My diet has had to change due to some health issues I am battling, so I am now gluten and dairy (no beef either) free. The kids are still gluten free, of course, but I'm not going to limit their dairy for now. It would be nice to cook one meal for everyone, but since it's just me with the need to limit dairy my plan is to just eat a salad if I've prepared something I can't have for dinner. I'd really like to try my hand at some dairy free alternatives, but I've tasted soy and rice cheese before and have to say it wasn't super yummy!

Monday: Sour Cream Pasta Bake
Tuesday: Neighbor Dinner
Wednesday: left overs
Thursday: Snacky Supper - this will probably become a Thursday routine as we head to a local live music venue to eat and hang with friends
Friday: Broccoli Chicken
Saturday: dinner with friends - we're bringing fruit
Sunday: left overs or Pizza

Do you have any wonderful dairy free recipes? I'd love for you to share! I feel pretty proficient and coming up with gluten free alternatives, but the dairy has me stumped. I feel some experimentation in the kitchen coming on!

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